Thursday, December 3, 2009

for Engineers wanting to pursue PhD

There are number of queries of Engineers {Who probably got strayed into tech biz but had a inner longing to do Physics!:) } who would like to pursue a research Career, so this blog.
You are most welcome to do a PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Visit IIA website for details of application procedure, exams and interviews to be taken. PhD in Computation or Instrumentation or Electronics based experimentation, Observational Astronomy would be possible.
Not much prior knowledge of Astronomy is expected as you will be given good grinding in Research Training Program (RTP) in the first year of joining. {You need to clear it well to get into second year!}

Many institutes have their own entrance tests and interviews. Check their websites and call their offices.

You can prepare for JEST and/or NET Physics and/or GATE Physics as follows:-

0.Check their syllabus
1. Brush up your FE Fundamentals of Physics book
2. Refer
*Fundamentals of Physics by Resnik and Halliday.
*Concepts of Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser.
*Electrodynamics by Griffith
3. Catch up with some sample papers from the same agency where you apply for these exams
4. Solve loads of problems. You Cant Survive In Research if you don't like to solve problems. Only understanding Stuff is not enough... :) ''Physics by Example'' by Rees is a good start. Actually, any good problem solving book with detailed solutions is good enough. Check solution after you have attempted the problem, and see where you made mistake, if any.

This is not necessarily the most complete and sufficient prep! Apply for a YES!+ also... check

All the best!

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