Monday, July 27, 2009

Lectures on General Theory of Relativity

Lectures on General Theory of Relativity, by Prof. T. Padmanabhan have been uploaded here.

T. Padmanabhan is a renowned Physicist who has written excellent books on Theoretical Astrophysics.


Amrita said...

Hi,I was reading theory of relativity and found that "Time Dilation is a reciprocal effect",if it is so then why in case of twin paradox,one of the twins who goes to the space and come back, remains younger than the other who stays back on the earth!

Abhay Karnataki said...

good question.
now here we have to understand that though there is no single absolute inertial frame for all observers, you can definitely make out if your frame is inertial or not.
if you are in a car and close your eyes, then even when the car turns, your body bends to one side or other, showing the acceleration, and hence non-inertial nature of the frame attached to the car.
Similarly, in the twin brothers travel, one brother is definitely getting accelerated at the end of the journey, and he is the one who comes out to be younger. the brother in his rest frame doesn't experience any acceleration at any time.
if the other brother would not have returned any time, then the time dilation is exactly reciprocal.